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Under Water!

0815_flood_carSo many consumers are telling me that they are staying away from Houston cars that are being sold as used cars because of this years flooding. Let me help with that one; there are a lot more places than Houston that have cars that were flooded. If you watched the local news from Coppell to Denton there was flooding and a lot of those cars will be hitting the market if thye are not already being sold.

Now is a time, if your not buying from a dealership, you need to get several sets of eyes on these cars because there are too many places that you can’t see water damage to car and so you could end up buying a real bad “bucket of bolts”. These places are inside the doors, inside the vents. inside the trunk walls, behind the panels or dash, and even more places the you can’t readily see .

I always say that in these situations buy where there is accountability. Then you have some type or recourse if the car was misrepresented. If you buy in the open market chances of getting your money back or repairs done are slim too none. I guess it come down to the old cliché that if its too good to be true DONT BUY IT!