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Change the way you buy a car and the dealer will follow!

There is one thing about the Auto Industry that I just cant stand, online car buying services. I hope they all go out of business and the consumers get back to working directly with the Dealership. Every Saturday on my show I give you the best possible tips on how to buy a car and finance it. When there are buying service’s or referral companies out there making more on a car deal than the actual salesperson assisting you there is something wrong with the industry. If the money the Dealer is paying out goes towards the customer experience lets say -free loaners-discounted service- better trained and qualified sales people, you win all they way around. Too much time spent on the internet only to find out the car isn’t what you really wanted or online didn’t save you much time or get that “better deal”. A car relationship can be one of the most valuable relationships you can have especially when there’s a problem with your car. That referral company has done its job now who do you go to when there’s a problem? The Dealership !! Before you do anything just send me an email and lets make the car buying, car shopping experience good for everyone.