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Technology – Good or Bad?

I can remember in the 90’s when so many consumers were backing away from technology, thinking that it was just something else to go wrong. Basic models were selling so much faster than cars with digital dashes, sunroofs that closed automatically when rain hit the sensor, tire monitors, and so on. Now it’s not so much but still I hear from a lot of consumers, mainly “baby boomers”, that they just want basic transportation but in a luxury brand. Currently the biggest concerns appear to be the keyless ignition (what if the button doesn’t work), connection systems that if the brake isn’t depressed just right the car won’t start, and push the wrong button while driving and you lose the basic functions and have to wait and stop in order to go back to the original settings.

There are still plenty of cars as well as trucks that have all the basic functions and still make driving simple.</br>

The plus side of all of this new technology is that it is so much easier to hook up to a machine and figure out any problems and resolve them quicker.

I believe that if consumers really take the time when it comes to the delivery of the car to fully learn the operation it will make all the new technology much easier to understand and use. There is a lot that is just for show with all the lights and changing colors, set and use only what you need and learn more as you go as you may find other features to enhance your ownership.

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