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Quality Versus Technology

After 36 years in the Auto Industry, I meet and talk with so many people involved directly involved with the industry and each week many consumers. There are so many different thoughts about “what consumers are wanting in the future” when it comes to their transportation. Some say Hybrid Technology, all electric cars, self-driving (autonomous) cars. Then you have the “just leave it alone” consumers who say gasoline is just fine because getting rid of gas motors will destroy jobs and the economy. When asked my thoughts on the subject, I have to simply do the math and tell it like it is. I do believe there is a place for all of them in the marketplace but I think before we try to change too quickly let’s start at the root of most complaints, make the cars burn cleaner! I don’t think that 20% of the market will be self-driving cars or all electric by 2025 as some forecast – maybe closer to 2040. My thoughts are this, first, the infrastructure isn’t ready for electric as a prime commuter and self-driving has too many problems and loopholes to solve. I’m always telling consumers to slow down and think before you want, once that assembly has started turning back is almost impossible. Continue to build safe and better the emissions to as close to zero as possible then start looking at “ALTERNATIVE” transportation for the consumer.

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