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Get The Edge...

The Automotive Edge Seminars are provided by the Automotive Edge Radio Show…

What's the Cost......Nothing.

Our sponsors are eager to make you an insider to the automotive industry.

Subjects covered include but not limited to:

  • The four “D’s” you should know before stepping into a dealership.
  • Aftermarket items…which ones have value?
  • Credit Life and/or Warranties: Are they worth the investment?
  • How does credit work with car loans?
  • Where does my credit score come from?
  • Should I lease or buy?
  • Dealer advertising? Hook or Crook?
  • What’s my trade worth?
  • How to pick out the best used car, what to look for.

These are some of the subjects covered in our seminars.
Seminars last approximately 2 hrs and we answer all questions after the presentation. There are no salesmen, no one needs to fill out an application to attend.
Take advantage of some of the best minds in the automotive business by scheduling a seminar.
Use our Contact Kurt page to schedule a seminar or for more information.